Saturday, July 14, 2018

Do's And Don'ts In NYC

After visiting New York for the second time I started to think of the things I would want to know if I was visiting for the first time. You get told a lot of things by people who have been before not to do this and that and in magazines/articles giving out the best hotspots in the city. But quite honestly everyone has different experiences and enjoys different things to other people. So keep that in mind.  

D O  P L A N  O U T  Y O U R  D A Y S 
If you are in New York for a short period of time, make sure you plan out your days and what you are going to do for each day. For example, If you are wanting to go down to Brooklyn for the day look at what else is around that area like the World Trade Centre and anything else that might interest you. By doing this you can get all of the things you want to do done without wasting time. 
Another thing which I found really helpful is to have a map of the city to figure out where you are, what you are close to, where your hotel is and stuff like that. You can get maps at the hotel you're staying at or you can use your phone! This definitely saved me from getting lost.

D O  A C T  L I K E  A  L O C A L 
What I mean by this is check out what is around where you are staying. Most of the time there are really nice cafe's and restaurants around the corner from you. 
In New York, there are loads of weird and wacky stuff in the streets and in the parks. You will see loads of intricate statues and artwork. 

D O  Y O U R  R E S E A R C H 
The first time I went to New York my family and I went to a place called 'The View'. It is the only revolving bar and restaurant in NYC. (Bear in mind that it was 8 years ago since we last went to this place) Honestly, the lounge was exactly the same the doors were literally hanging off the cabinets, the whole place just looked groggy and needed to be updated. AND it was nearly $100 just for 3 drinks. So take the time to do some research so you don't waste your money and your time!

D O N ' T  B E  T A K E N  A D V A N T A G E  O F 
I made the mistake of buying a bus tour for two days which cost $65 each, the employees of the company told us that we could get the same bus to get to Brooklyn. So we thought great! Let's do it! Two hours later we get to the World Trade Center and get told the bus for Brooklyn is only once a day at 9am. So basically we wasted nearly $200 on something we won't use. So my advice is that unless you want to see the 'tourist' spots just get an Uber or a cab to take you where YOU want to go.

It feels good to be back blogging!
 I hope you found this helpful if you are heading to New York for a city break or vacation. Let me know if you found any of this helpful.

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