Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Makeup Products For A Summer Glow

I don't know about you but personally, I love having a glow to my skin in the summer months and love to incorporate that in my makeup. Today I'll be sharing with you my top makeup products in order to get a summer glow! 

June is right around the corner which means those long summer days are nearly here! In the summer days, when it is hot and humid, I do not like to wear loads and loads of heavy makeup as it can really clog your pores and make you break out because of how much you sweat. Alternatively, I like to use a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream because of how lightweight they feel on my skin. I love the Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer is so easy to put on and doesn't feel heavy in your skin. And because we want a summer glow, opt for the 'Illuminating' one as this has such a beautiful sheen to it when you are in any source of light.  

If you want a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer then go ahead and use a light foundation! But in order for that glow use MAC's Strobe Cream under your foundation as it gives a gorgeous subtle glow to your foundation. Or if you really want the glow to be dominant then mix the Strobe Cream in with your foundation and apply to your face. 

Concealer is one of my favourite makeup products as I think it can just lift anyone's face when the concealer is in a lighter colour to the base of the face (foundation, or skin tone) My favourite one to use is the Naked Skin concealer by Urban Decay. It is really light and is really easy to blend under the eye. 
 Now to get that blinding highlight on your cheekbones these two highlighters I love to use! The Killawatt Highlighter by Fenty Beauty is one of my holy grail makeup products that I really can not live without, as you can see by the picture! (I need to restock!)  This highlighter is great as you can be subtle with it for a gentle glow or go all out and look like a shiny beautiful disco ball! Also, a great highlighter is Naked Illuminated by Urban Decay, it is a very loose and glittery pigment so it is ideal to use on your shoulders and collar bones for an all over summer glow. I tend to use this more on my body than on my face. 

You can not leave your lips out of the glow, can you? This is why I use Gloss Bomb lipgloss by Fenty Beauty to give my lips a naturally beautiful shine. I use this lipgloss on a daily basis. It is not sticky and it has a great vanilla scent to it! I mean if Rihanna wears it, it must be good! 

It definitely feels good to be back blogging in this spare time I have managed to get in this busy time in my life! As I keep saying I have some really exciting content coming up for you, including blogging about a trip to New York City and other exciting destinations! 

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