Monday, January 01, 2018

Starting The New Year Off Right With VITL

Happy New year!
I hope you all had a great New Years Eve, but I know a lot of people will be struggling today from the night before! I know starting a new year can be daunting but it can also be exciting so I gathered a few things that can help ease the nerves but also keep your health up during this time of year.

Well thanks to my friends over at VITL you will be set to start the new year of feeling right. VITL is a personalised nutrition company that specializes in vitamins. They also do other products like protein powders, DNA Tests and lots more. To make things easier VITL have an app for IOS and Androids for everything from your free consultation to weight loss recipes.
The Consultation:
In the consultation, they ask you about your lifestyle your health and any concerns you may have about your self whether that's your energy levels or a diet. After you answer all the questions VITL makes you your own personalized pack of vitamins that you can take to improve your health and the way you feel. You can then chose whether you want a month's worth of your personalised vitamins or a full plan where you can pay monthly until you want to stop the contract.
You can also check your results and how good/bad they are! This is a good indicator if you need to change your diet or in fact getting those extra hours of sleep to increase your energy levels.
Talking about diet, VITL have meal plans for all sorts of things like weight loss plans or even plans for vegans!
For my personalised vitamins, I got :

Active Probiotic - Contains good bacteria to keep your gut healthy

Complete Multivitamin - Covers all the bases for overall wellbeing

Magnesium Calcium Complex - Contains essential minerals to keep you in balance

Krill Omega 3 - Contributes to a healthy heart and brain

Depending on your consultation results you will be given different vitamins tailored to you. 
Here are some other things I  recommend to start the New year off right:

Keeping your skin healthy and looking good will make you feel more confident and not having to worry about those annoying spots that won't go away! Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish is a makeup cleanser to remove all the makeup and dirt that collects during the day. This stuff definitely cleans your face and improves your skin as there are no harsh chemicals just natural ingredients. The skin tonic goes perfectly with the cleanser as it seals your pores and stops any dirt getting into your pores after you have cleaned them.
Next is the Origins Ginzing Scrub Cleanser perfect for waking you up in the morning and refreshing your skin. It has small little gritty balls that also gently exfoliate your face while cleaning your face!
For those pesky spots the Tea Tree Gel Spot Stick will definitely soothe them and minimize their size.

I hope this helped you all to get settled in the new year and help keep up your health after lots of partying and maybe drinking :) Thanks again to VITL for sending me this product.

As always,

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