Saturday, January 27, 2018

How To: Have A Relaxing Bath

Recently I have been obsessed with having baths, they relax me so much and are a great to make you sleepy right before bed. So I thought I would share my 'routine' of how I achieve a relaxing and soothing bath. 
First things first, set the mood with your favorite candles and get everything ready for when you are getting out the bath like towels and your pajamas if you are having one before bed. I like to put my towels on the radiator warm them up and have them nice and cozy for when I get out of the bath. You could also do a face mask whilst you in the bath and this also relaxes me and makes my skin feel amazing. 

I like to arrange my candles and products on the side of the bath to make it look pretty? (I think I'm on my own with this one!) 
Once I begin running the water I usually pick the bath bomb/bubble bars that I want to use for the bath depending on my mood, which in this case was the Experimenter Bath Bomb by Lush

and also the Brightside Bubble Bar by Lush. The Brightside Bubble Bar is one of my favorite Bubble Bars from Lush as it smells of oranges and orange juice!

Here is a little video of the Experimenter bath bomb I used:

So now that you have got everything you need for your bath, light the candles, put the bath bombs in and don't forget to get in the bath and relax!

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment down below your favorite bath bomb scents!

As always,
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