Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holiday Playlist 🎄

It's nearly December and you know what that means, it's nearly Christmas! 
So I thought I would take it upon myself to make a Christmas playlist to spread the festive spirit. In this playlist I have some of my all-time favorite Christmas songs as well as the classics, it's a mixture of old and new. Some of my favourite songs are the oldies but I just can't help loving the new ones from modern artists like Sam Smith and Ariana Grande. 

I made the playlist 'My Christmas' on Spotify which is great as you can just let it play and sing along whilst doing other things on your phone or doing things like driving (don't use your phones whilst driving! Listening to the music!) or just pottering around the house! 

Make sure to follow my playlist so you can listen to the songs straight away from your library, I'll probably just keep adding more and more songs to the playlist as you know, I LOVE Christmas!
You can click the link here to go straight to the playlist or just type in my username 'Izzie Farebrother' 

Ummm how many times have I said Christmas in this post?! I hope you enjoyed this post and reading all about my love for Christmas and the music! 

As always,

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