Monday, October 23, 2017

Autumn LookBook 2017!

Hello guys! 
Happy October, I know this month is many of your guy's favorite time of year (for various reasons of course 🍂) So I did a bit of thinking and today I'm blogging about Autumn fashion and style some looks myself, and show them to you guys!
All of the clothes/accessories will be at the bottom of the blog post, just click on them to buy! Or click on any highlighted word to take you straight to the website! 

Look 1 - Cosy Sunday Walk 

So with this look, I wanted to create a really cozy, easy but also nice outfit to wear on maybe a Sunday walk or just a traditional roast dinner! I love, love, love how baggy and soft this jumper is, it's definitely 'oversized' so no need to go up a size! Blue jeans are a staple for the autumn and go with anything and everything! I got mine from Hollister. I actually got the scarf from a charity shop near where I live but any check or stripe scarf will do! As for shoes, I wore my all time favs, my Timberlands. They are great for the autumn as they are really comfy and go with the autumn aesthetic!

Look 2 - Casual Day Time

For this, I went with a super casual look for going out for lunch or spending a day out somewhere with friends or family! I love denim on denim so I put together these ripped jeans from Hollister and a  light wash blue denim jacket from Topshop. I think the two tones go really well together. I also wore a plain white T from Hollister that pulls the look together! I then layered a plaid flannel by tying it around my waist to complete the look. Then put on some white pumps and then your outfit is complete!

Look 3 - Dressy Casual

Now for this look, I paired the same black Hollister jeans and the same white T but with a bold fashion-forward jacket, which is definitely a statement for this look! Then for a pop of colour, I wore my burgundy pumps from Topshop.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I had so much fun on this shoot, creating and modeling for the pictures!
As always,


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