Wednesday, August 02, 2017

*SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum Review

Hey guys, 
Today I am going to be reviewing the Skinkissed Vitamin Skin C Serum.
They were kind enough to get in touch with me and send me a bottle to see what I thought about it! 

The benefits 
The serum has many benefits such as -

- Plums and hydrates dry and dull skin 
- Removes any acne on your skin 
- Reduces wrinkles, fine lines & blemishes 
- Leaves your skin feeling soft & fresh again
- Makes your skin look young again
- The perfect base for your makeup 

How does it work? 
It works by having main active ingredients, such as -
- Vitamin C 
-Hyaluronic Acid 
- Collagen 

Each one of these ingredients carries powerful benefits which are designed and to help you achieve healthy and natural looking skin. 

Why use it? 
- 30-day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with my results 
- Carries very powerful and high percentages of active ingredients 
- Contains no oil so you will not experience any skin breakouts 
- Leave a nice fresh fragrance on your skin
- Never been tested on animals

I definitely think this serum is helping my skin in becoming more hydrated! I love using it as a primer as it makes your skin so plump and soft! 

Let me know if you purchase this product and tell me how you found the serum! 

As always,

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