Monday, July 17, 2017

My Makeup Wishlist ♡

Hi guys, I hope you all are well:)

Recently makeup brands have been coming out with the most amazing products and I thought I would do a wish list to help myself and you guys!
Maybe your birthday is coming up and you don't know what you want as gifts of your friends and family, so take a look at my wish list and see if there is anything that floats your boat! 

---- Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit - Anastasia Beverly Hills ----

---- Modern Renaissance Palette - Anastasia Beverly Hills ----

---- Master Palette by Mario - Anastasia Beverly Hills ----

---- Contour Cream Kit - Anastasia Beverly Hills ----

---- Sweet Peach Glow - Too Faced ----

---- Hangover Primer - Too Faced ----

---- Better Than Sex Mascara - Too Faced ----

---- KKW Creme Liquid Lipstick Collection - Kylie Cosmetics ----

*Disclaimer* The majority of the makeup on this list and that I own, are bought with my own money that I earn and do not expect gifts from anyone when postings this blog*

As always,

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