Friday, June 02, 2017

The Manchester Terror Attack: #WeStandTogether

I am sure you have all heard the sickening news that was told last Tuesday morning that a bomb had exploded in the foyer of Manchester Arena minutes after the all American Ariana Grande concert had finished. 

We all remember our first concert, going to see our idols we loved ever so much and looked up upon and then going back to school or work the next day and telling all your friends about it and how much you enjoyed it.
For 22 people they didn't get to tell their friends at work or school how much they enjoyed taking their kids to the concert or seeing their idol Ariana Grande because they were victims of the Manchester Arena Terror Attack. 

This hit home for me, it really did, because this is where you go to enjoy and fulfill your dreams of seeing and/or meeting your idol. It's a place where everyone from Manchester whatever age or race comes together to support their favorite musicians. 

At first, when I heard the news I was in utter shock. Not only because it was my city, it was because a lot of people I knew including my friends were at the concert. I sat watching the news being unable to speak, and just watching the story unfold straight in front of my eyes.
 I held a lot of my feelings in for a while because I felt selfish for feeling that way when so many people were hurting way worse than me, physically and emotionally.

It wasn't until the next day everything started to really kick in, friends and people I knew were off school and some of them we hadn't heard from. It was weird, very weird, everyone was kind of in their own bubble of thoughts and not a lot of speaking went on in lessons.

People I knew that were at the concert including one of my friends, were pretty shaken up by what they saw and heard that night.

Luckily no one from my school or that I knew died in the attack.

I felt very involved with the aftermath of the attack because of sharing things of my social media and using my platform to get the word out about some of the people that were still missing days after the attack.

I can only imagine the pain of those who have lost loved ones on this supposed to be a happy night. My thoughts are with each and every one of my readers and people who have been affected in this situation.

The strength that Manchester has as a community is very special and it won't break us apart it will make us stronger like it has done in the past because #WeStandTogether

Donations to the family's who have lost a loved one in this attack have reached over £2 Million and are continuing to grow. Click here to make a donation.

Here are some of the pictures I took whilst I was paying my respects yesterday evening:

As soon as you turned the corner into St Anne's Square you could smell all the flowers that had been left there in honour of the 22 people that died on the night of the attack. It was very quiet yet there was something calming and peaceful about it.

You may have noticed my keyring at the top, I bought this from HA Designs and all of the proceeds go to the family's that have been affected by the attack.

May you all be safe this weekend and if you are going to the 'One Love' concert have an amazing time ♡

As always,

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