Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Top Tips For A Summer Road Trip! #Ad

Hey guys, 
I hope you all have had an amazing weekend in this beautiful weather.

Today I am sharing with you, my top tips for planning a road trip!
It's the perfect time to go on a road trip and explore new places and try some amazing food! Whether you live in the UK or abroad you can always find a little getaway in your country!


1. Plan Your Route 
There is nothing worse than getting in your car and sitting there deciding where to go. If you are wanting to go to a certain place then plan the best route by either the best scenery or the quickest route to get to your desired destination. No one wants to be bored in the car on a hot day, do they?


2. Check Your Car 
There are many safety issues with driving a car in the summer which include:

- Replacing your battery can prevent you from accidents, especially in the hot summer weather. It will be cheaper in the long run!

- You should also check your air conditioning, no one wants to be stuck with no ventilation when it is summer!

- Check your tyre pressure, as they can expand when exposed to heat, and keeping them at the proper pressure this will ensure that no damage is caused to your car

Cheap tyres can be easily booked on Point S, a company which provides you with cheap and affordable tyres for those Summer Road Trips!


3. Bring Supplies
It's always a good idea to bring some snacks, drinks and some sort of entertainment (if you're not the one driving of course!) You never know if you will get caught up in traffic or in a place with no shops!


4. Make A Playlist
Every summer needs songs to make you remember the days of that year's summer! So why not make a playlist of all your favourite songs to play in the car whilst you are with your friends (or family) and just have a good time together!


If any of you are planning a Road Trip make sure to tag me in any pictures on Twitter or Instagram! They are all linked below this post!

I hope you guys liked my 'Top Tips' for a Summer Road Trip! and thank you for Point S for sponsoring this post!

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