Friday, May 12, 2017

My Summer Aspirations!

Hello people, 
I thought I would talk about some of the things I want to do this summer! Although the weather here in Chesire isn't really the weather I would like for this time of year! 

1. Hold a summer party
I usually tend so do something like this every year, get my friends over, put some music on and then end up around the fire when it gets cold and dark! 
Throwing a party like this brings everyone together I think, leaving out the stress of school and talking about what summer has in store for each other or what we have been up to! 

2. Go on a road trip
Going to somewhere you've never been to before in the summer like a new town or city can really make you explore the places that you may not know too much about, and you get can some great Instagram pictures too! 

3. Try some new makeup looks
Trying new makeup looks can really make it feel like summer, going for a bronzed, sunkissed look really makes you feel like you have come back from a 2 week holiday in Barbados! 

4. Spend time with family 
Spending time with family in the summer is really beneficial, you can talk about what everyone has gotten up too over the summer and what people's plans are! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this summer inspired post, I'll speak to you guys soon! 

As always,

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