Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Day At Altrincham Market!

Hey guys, Happy Easter!
 I hope you have had a good day so far! I have been eating lots of chocolate and relaxing so far today:)

Yesterday I went out for the day in Hale with my family and decided to go to the food market. It is basically a big room filled with tables and chairs with all different food stalls on the perimeter of the room.

There are all sorts of food there like Pizza, Pies and other flavourful foods. There are also many drink stalls where you can get different beers/ales and wines for the Ladies!

The coffee stalls are brilliant too I had a white hot chocolate which tasted amazing!
For my lunch I opted to get a pizza from the Pizza stall which was one of the tastiest pizza I have ever tasted, they do the pizza's in the pizza oven, so it made it taste authentic!

I loved this market as it was quite small but you still had a variety of food and drink to choose from without being bombarded with options. Because it was so popular we chose to sit outside which wasn't the smartest choice when it got cold later on! But never the less it was a really good day out!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, hopefully, you might get the chance to go to this market one day and try the food there!

As always,

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