Sunday, January 08, 2017

Vanity Tour!

Hey, guys!
So today I thought I would give you a tour of my where I do my makeup. My Vanity!
As some of you may have seen I did get a lot of makeup and storage for Christmas, and they are all featured in this blog post!

Okay now let's get on into it...

Above my desk, I have my Hollywood mirror. Because of the bright lights surrounding the mirror, it gives you the perfect lighting for you to do your makeup and to take amazing photos.

On the left side of my vanity, I have an Illuminated Makeup Mirror from No7. I use this mainly to see if everything in blended, like foundation and concealer. It's very helpful.

Next, to my makeup mirror I have a candle with my initial on, I. I think this adds some personality to my makeup area.

In the middle of my vanity, I have my Lipstick/Lipgloss organizer. I love how this looks on my vanity and it's easy to see what options you have!

On the right, I have my acrylic makeup draws. These have become very popular over the last couple of years. I really like them as it makes my vanity look organized.

In the top drawer, I have all my primers and face mists.

In the second drawer, I have Foundations, Tinted Moisturizers, and concealers.

In the third drawer, I have all my finishing powders, blushes, and highlighters.

In the fourth drawer, I have my most used eyeshadow palettes and some creme eyeshadows.

In the fifth drawer. I have all my mascara's, a Nyx eyeshadow palette and all my brow makeup.

On top of my drawers, I have some containers that hold my makeup brushes, most of them are Morphe Brushes (which I highly recommend). I also have some blending sponges.

I keep a hand sanitizer on top of my drawers for me to use when I am starting my makeup.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Vanity Tour, and I speak you guys soon!

As always,

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