Wednesday, January 04, 2017

My Birthday Wishlist! 2017

Hey guys,
I hope you had an amazing New Year!
As some of you may know my birthday is next Sunday, which is crazy because it feels like it was my birthday just a few weeks ago!

So I thought I would make it easy for my family and friends and make a wishlist for my birthday;)

1. Ultimate Glow Kit - Anastasia Beverly Hills 
I have always wanted one of the Glow Kits but ever since this glow kit came out I have loved the look of it and I would love this as a gift!

I would really love these for taking blog photos, it would make them look that much more professional!

3. Heart Key Pendant - Tiffany & Co
I would have a heart attack if I got this necklace, I am not expecting to get this at all. I just love it so much!!!

I am currently studying GCSE Photography and I would love to also do it at A - level as well, and I think this camera would give me a great base to build upon. It also records videos, I am hoping to start a YouTube channel in the next couple of years.

5. Suedette Biker Jacket - Warehouse
I remember seeing a jacket like this in River Island which I loved, then I couldn't find in anywhere! 
I love the look of suede and I would love to see what different outfits I could style this jacket with:)

6. High Rise Jean Leggings - Hollister 
Hollister jeans are to die for! So comfy and I really need some black jeans! 

I really need some flat pumps and these are very cute and on sale! 

8. Skater Sweater Dress - Hollister 
This is such a cute and casual day dress and could be styled up or down, depending on what event you are going to!

This glitter is meant to be amazing for a glitter eyeshadow look and can be put on your favorite eye looks to give it some sparkle! 

10. Better Than Sex Mascara - Too Faced 
I have always wanted to try this mascara, people say it is amazing! 

I love my music and jamming out with the volume up high is one of my favorite things to do! I have had beats for a while now and I would never go back to any other brand. My solo2 headphones have broken and I am lost without them! Apple earphone are just not the same! Because of me having the iPhone 7 there is no headphone jack so the Bluetooth on these would be life saving! 

12. Austin Mahone Tickets! 
As many of you know I have supported Austin for 4 years now and never seen him in concert! It is one of my dreams to meet Austin and just have the best time dancing around with my best friend Dans! 

13. Instax Mini Film - Fujifilm
I am in desperate need of some film for my polaroid camera! I love taking pictures and hanging them on my fairy lights on my wall in my bedroom!

Ever since I redecorated my room back in the last couple of months of 2015 I have had 1 set of these drawers and I have discovered that I do need more drawer space for things like Pj's and hair care, etc...

I've seen these liquid lipsticks all over Instagram and I would love to give them a try.

The Morphe palettes. Wow. For the money and the quality of these shadows are amazing the colours are very me and I would be able to create many looks with palette.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my wishlist for my birthday!
I'll speak to you soon! 

As always,

Izzie x 

*I do not expect to get all/any of these gifts and I am grateful for whatever I am given, it's the thought that counts! 

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