Thursday, December 08, 2016

My Favourite Christmas Memory - Blogmas Day 8

Hey guys,
I hope you are all well, I really am sorry for no post yesterday you can click here to see why
But now on with the post.

I think if I had to pick out of all the Christmas memories I have I would have to say, when I was younger and it was after Christmas dinner, we were all full and went into the living room to watch a bit of TV and relax. I was cuddled up with my grandad on one of the sofas reading the book he got me. Which was a Micheal Jackson book where it told you all the secrets of the music videos and where he was from until where he died. I was a really big fan! 

This is just one out of many memories I have of Christmas but this one sticks in my mind for obvious reasons. 

Here are some pictures from Christmas's that have passed:

I hope you all enjoyed this post, 
if you want to share some of your Christmas memories in the comments! 

As always,

Izzie x
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