Monday, December 05, 2016

I've Realised Something/Looking back on 2016 - Blogmas Day 5

Over this past year a lot has changed for me, my views on life, my opinion on society and my overall view on my personal life.

This whole journey started when I published my first ever blog post, I have really got into blogging and some day I would really like to make a living off of it, because I really love doing it and telling you guys what I have been up to and what is coming up in the future. I am loving doing blogmas and I love getting your feedback in the comments!

I have realised friends do in fact come and go and most of the time it's for the better. I have lost a few so called 'friends' this year that my life is better of without. And I have also made a lot of new friends this year as well due to me starting my blog and having more confidence in my self.
One girl I couldn't live my life without is my best friend Dannie, we actually met on twitter (because of us being fangirls!!) she is one of the most funniest people I have ever met, she is always there for me and just a great best friend. We have already shared so many memories together and we will make many more in the years to come. xx

Liv, you have been with me basically since we were born, you have been with me throughout my ups and downs and were there when i audition for Britain's Got Talent. What a day that was!
I know seeing each other isn't always easy but just know that you are my best friend and that will never change xx

To all my other girl friends thank you for sticking with me and laughing at me questionable jokes, and supporting me through the start of this incredible year.

Society today puts people down for not looking the part or not being skinny enough, I used to think I wasn't good enough for people to like me for who I am. And I can tell you know that your physical appears does not matter one bit. I used to ask myself why are people friends with me if I am fat. I am not fat and I am not ugly, I have learnt to love myself and be myself throughout life.
You may think trying to act or look like a celebrity is good, but when people figure it out it does make you look a little silly.

As some of you may know I am in high school and at times it isn't most defiantly not easy with all the backstabbing and 'popularity' but one thing that I have learnt from this year is that out of school know one cares about how popular you were in high school are how many girlfriends or boyfriends you had, it doesn't matter in the world what matters is your education! I know in some schools it's cool if you don't revise or you don't do well. But the real question is, is it really?! Are you really risking your future to be cool at school?! Seriously? Because if you are I really think you should think about that.

The amount of girls I have seen trying to be someone else is quite sad, it's sad because you wonder why the don't want to be themselves and what insecurities they have.

My idols used to be so ridiculous and so unreal and it wasn't giving me the right impression of life.
 As a confident size 12-14 woman I want to support 'Plus - sized' models and there careers because I think some of their story's are so inspirational. Whatever size you are, you should feel confident and proud of who you are! If you have worked on your dream body for the past 2 years, good for you, that is amazing that you are doing that! And the people that are happy with who they are, you go girl! Be you!

Boys, boys and boys. That's all I ever hear about these days!!! I mean starring at Shawn Mendes's new photo shoot is quite acceptable but talking about them 24/7 is just a bit pathetic I think. Crushes are nice to have but don't put your self down if they don't like you or they go of and date someone else, it can hurt but you will get over it!
I mean yea sure having a boyfriend must be nice but not having one isn't the end of the world, trust me...
Try concentrate on your own life and make the most of it, you won't get these days back, this day, today will never happen again!

I think my family is my best support, my mum and dad especially. They have supported me through absolutely everything. And all my cousins and brothers and sister you mean a lot to me as well. I think I am a bit of all of you to be honest. And my Nana! My girlfriend (as she calls me) she is always asking me how my blog is going and always asking me about school, supporting me all the way!
Grandad, even though you are not here, I know you are not far. You are probably looking down at me laughing at all the things I say and laughing at me and Nana reminiscing about all the moments we had with you!

2016, it's been a good year, one that I can remember.

I hope you all maybe took something from this and has maybe helped you through some of your problems :) This was hard to write as I am really letting my guard down, but I wanted to share this with the world.

I'll speak to you guys tomorrow :)

As always,

Izzie x

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