Saturday, November 26, 2016

My Sunday Routine

Hi guys
I hope your weekend is going well. Today I have a post that I have never done before,  but I thought I would give it a go!

I usually start my Sundays of by laying in bed scrolling through my twitter feed seeing what everyone has been up to whilst I have been sleeping then once I been on all my social media and refreshed every page about 10 times I get up and put some lounge wear on. Most likely my baggy sweat pants and a sweat shirt that says "Austin Mahone is my boyfriend" I'm a big fan I'm not going to lie!!

Sometimes my family and I like to sit down and have a nice breakfast to start the day. Now we aren't just talking marmite on toast we are talking a full English breakfast! My dad loves to cook so he will do it in the outside kitchen (or the outhouse as we like to call it, which my dad also built himself!)

Once we have finished breakfast it is usually mid-morning, we decided what we are doing which would either be to go for a dog walk with our good friends or just to have a lazy day.

If we decided to go for a dog walk we go to either The Edge at Alderley Edge or we go to where my dad goes shooting (Game Shooting, that is!)

After the walk, we finish the day of right with a pub dinner at "The Ship inn"

I hope you guys enjoyed that post, it was a little different to what I have seen before! 
I put my own little English spin on it! 
Look out for my future posts as there is some exiting collaborations ahead! 
I'll speak to you guys soon :)

Also, if you liked my 'outhouse' here is the link to my dad's website, www.farebrotherconstruction.com
he specializes in all aspects of building :)

As always,


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