Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To Deal With Embarrassing/Awkward Situations! - Survival Guide

Hello Guys, and today I am going to talk about how to deal with embarrassing/awkward situations! but before I do that let me tell you about my good friend Olivia! She is a teenaged blogger just like me, you should definitely go check out her blog click here to see it! Okay, now on with the survival Guide! 

1. Laugh It Off!
On Monday the day of all days, I fell over! Being me I fell over nothing, over on my ankle and straight on my bum! The whole school was behind me and everyone laughed including my friends! But I got up and just laughed with them! There's nothing much else to do, right?! Once you laugh it off people won't really find it funny anymore! Trust me it works! 

2. Be Confident 
Sometimes in life you just want the floor to swallow you because it's that awkward, whether if that's your sat next to a friend you have fallen out with or if like me, my tutor trumps when she bends down to get her pen! Whatever it is confident, rise above the awkwardness if your feeling awkward someone else is bound to be! 

3. Carry On
No matter what the situation, try to carry on. If it get's embarrassing/awkward in a conversation try to change the subject to something a little bit less awkward! 

4. Does It Really Matter?
If you do something embarrassing/awkward, ask yourself this, does it really matter? are you ever going to see these people again? Do people care? If you have answered no to any of these just carry on with what you are doing. Everyone makes mistake and everyone has been in those awkward situations, whatever it is it's not the end of the world! 

And those are the tips I have for 'How To Deal With Embarrassing/Awkward Situations' 
I hope you enjoyed this survival guide post, as I know people can relate to all of these things! 

As, Always 

Izzie x

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