Sunday, August 28, 2016

*Exquisi Hair Eyelashes Review!

Hi guys, Recently Exquisihair sent me a pair of their lashes and today I am going to be reviewing them! 

I love the packaging, it is really simple but very clean looking which I love! I love the turquoise colour it ties in with the glue packaging and matches really well! 

To be honest I have never really been a lover of fake eyelashes so I was really happy that I liked these! They are so natural looking for fake lashes, which I love! 
You do not need to put any mascara over the top of the lashes because they are going for a natural look, but there is nothing from stopping you! 

The band on the lashes is quite thick so I do think they are a bit harder to apply than lashes with a thinner band.  

These lashes with a simple/neutral makeup look will look so amazing and really glam :) 

For my makeup look, I went with a;
Natural Lip Gloss 
Rosey Cheeks 
and of course my lashes! 

I hope u enjoyed my review on the Exquisihair lashes and I will see you soon! 

As Always,
Izzie x 

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