Friday, August 26, 2016

Back To School Haul?!

Hello, guys! If the title of this blog post doesn't excite then you then I don't know what will! I know I am not the only who LOVES getting all new 'Back To School' stationary. That's the only good thing about going back to school really! In this haul, I got all my stuff from either Sainsbury's or Tesco's. And with that said... Let's get on with the haul!

First off let's start off with the 'bigger' things out of the lot! 

 Bic highlighter set (15 highlighters) - £3.75
• Clear adhesive film by Tesco - £2.50
25 Extra Strong Punch Pockets by Sainsbury's - £2

Papermate flexgrip ball point - £2
Bic cristal fashion colour pens - £1.87
Uni-ball 157 eye rollerball assorted 5 pack - £4

Staedtler Noris pencil set - £1.50
Tipp-ex mini pocket mouse 3pack - £2.50
Index tabs by Sainsbury's - £1
Pritt Stick - £1.50

That is all the stationary in my haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for 'Back To School' 

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As always,

Izzie x 

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