Saturday, July 02, 2016

My Laura Mercier Makeover Experience!

Today I had the privilege of getting my makeup done by a makeup artist at Laura Mercier. It was the most enjoyable and friendly situation I have been in with a brand doing my makeup. 

The counter I went to was in Hoopers, Wilmslow. The staff were absolutely amazing and not shoving products that you don't want down your throat! The lady, Anne who did my makeup was so nice and genuine about the whole thing. She definitely knew what she was doing. 
We tried a couple of tinted moisturizers/Foundations but she did not settle with any, she made sure it matched my exact skin colour, which I loved about her! 

When we finally found my colour (I ended up being 'Porcelain' in the 'Tinted Moisturizer - Oil Free SPF 20') she blended it in first patting in into my skin with her fingers then going in with their own blending sponge. I have to say the result was amazing I am never going back to any other tinted moisturizer! I am in love with this stuff! It's called a 'Lightweight Flawless Coverage' for a reason! 

Then she got the famous translucent loose powder and set my face. Then onto blush, quite honestly I don't really use a blush that much, but today had changed my whole opinion on it! She used 'Barely Pink' on my cheeks to give me some colour. 

The lips, we decided on Lip Glace in the colour 'Bare Baby'. A lovely soft nude pink. 

I love the whole concept of the brand because it's all about being natural and embracing what you have rather than what you don't! Absolutely fallen in love ♡ 
I wish I could have bought everything! It was hard not too! 

Thank you to Anne who did my makeup, I flipping love it! I would really suggest going for a trial to see if you like anything, and giving something different a try! 

As Always, 

Izzie x

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