Wednesday, April 06, 2016

My Hair Transformation

Yesterday I decide to do something that I have procrastinating for a very long time! 
I decide to get my hair cut. And when I say cut I mean there was a lot cut off! 


This was my hair before it got cut, It was so dead at the ends it was unbelievable, It was so incredibly thin as well. Which isn't normal for me. 



And here's my hair after! As you can see it look so much healthier and thicker. I think it was around 4 to 5 inches I had cut off my hair. But it was worth it! I'm still getting used to the length of my hair and I need to find a style I like. If that's curly or straight. 

If you have hair like mine used to be and your unsure whether to cut it or not. I think you should because it feels so amazing after it feels so much healthier and thicker. Don't worry it will grow back!

Izzie x

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