Friday, April 22, 2016

Friendship Issues - Survival Guide

So this week has been one big roller coaster. Due to silly people trying to ruin my happiness! 
So from my experience from these past weeks I'm going to tell you my top tips on how to deal with friendship issues.

1. Don't let them see it's getting to you
This is one of the things they love, to see you hurting. it's hard but try think of the positive things in your life. Not some little girl/boy bringing you down. 

2. Ignore their messages or comments they make
If they really want to get their point across they will do anything for you to understand that. If they do send you a message try not to read it! And if you do make sure not to reply, the thing bullies hate is to be ignored and not have your attention on them. 

3. Tell someone
Even if you find it hard to, it will make you feel at ease a little. Telling someone you trust makes a whole lot of difference. Then you're not going through the situation alone :) 

I hope I have helped some people out by creating this post.
This is another one of them 'Survival Guide' type post if you like them make sure to tell me, so I can do more for you! ♡

As always,

Izzie x

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