Sunday, April 24, 2016

Grieving Over A Loved One - Survival Guide

I have had several encounters over the past month of family & friends that have lost a loved one in their family. And I myself have been through this with my grandad in 2013. I know what it's like to lose someone who you are very close to. These are ways that helped me get through this tough time.

1. Don't Push People Away
Whether it's your family or one of your friends they are only trying to help you get over this difficult time. Talk to them. They will understand what you are going through. 

2.You're Allowed To Cry
This is always a difficult subject to come to because the person you have just lost means a lot to you. It doesn't help when people are coming from the left and right asking if you are okay, because your not. But it's only natural to cry. Don't feel as though your weak if you cry especially boys/men.

3. Celebrate The Life That They Lived
No matter how old they are they all had good moments in their lifetime. Focus on them and remember the good times.

4.Listen To Music
I know it sounds cliche but music really does help. When my Grandad died I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy. But if ever I felt like bursting into tears or remembering the good old times I always listened to music. I still listen to the song that helped me get over his death now. 

5. Your Life Goes On
I know it's harsh to say, but you still have your life to live. The person that died in your family or as your friend wouldn't want you dwelling on them all the time. They would want you to carry on and be happy. It's okay to miss them, everyone misses their loved ones. It's only natural 

I hoped this helped to those who are going through something like this at the moment.

As Always,

Izzie x

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