Friday, March 11, 2016

Being Sick - Survival Guide

Being sick off school/work isn't good, but being sick of school/work board definitely isn't good! 
Here are a few tips and  hacks I have learnt over the past week! ;

1. Stay in bed!
Not only is sleep a way of curing anything but you can watch some tv, chill out and above all, rest.

2.Keep Hydrated
Whatever illness you've got, the best thing for you is to keep yourself hydrated, water, water, water!!

3.Have Something To Look Forward To
Whether this is the dinner your going to have later or watching your favourite movie over and over again! 

These are only a few tips but these always help me when I'm in this situation♡ 

P.s- If you like these 'Survival Guide' blogs let me know! So I can do more of them:)

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