Saturday, February 27, 2016

D.I.Y hanging fairy lights

Okay so redid my room last year in September, and it's the room I have been dreaming of, which felt like forever! I was looking for inspiration on Tumblr to look for ideas and then I came across these photos.

I really liked the idea of having fairy lights hanging from my wall, I decided to go ahead with it and the picture at the top.. is what my wall turned out to be like:) I was so happy with the results. Here's what you need to do this project. 

Fairy Lights 

Command Hooks 
To stick the lights to the wall! 

Mini Pegs (Optional)

Polaroids or Pictures (Optional) 

So the first thing that you will need to do is see how you want you lights to hang your lights, whether it's portrait or landscape.They both look nice either way. 

The next thing you will need to do is take your command hooks and place them on the wall so that the lights can hang from them.

Then go in with the lights, you will have to fiddle around with them to get the look your looking for. 


Take your polaroids or pictures and then arrange them all over the lights.

Then you should have something like this

I am so happy with this feature in my room, it brings so much personality into your room because they're your own personal pictures. 

This is how mine turned out!!

I hope this helped you to get your room tumblrfied!!

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