Sunday, February 28, 2016


Living with anxiety is like having a never ending test that you have to study for. It's 24/7 there's no rest. The only time your completely calm is when you're fast asleep, and even then it's still on your mind waiting to wake you up. Sometimes you over think so much you feel as though your head is going to explode.


The panic attacks are the worst, it's like you can't breathe, I had one at a 5sos concert I'm not exactly sure why it wasn't as though I was a die-hard fan, it just came out of nowhere. It was kind of scary because that were the first time I had ever had one.

The only way I can calm myself down sometimes is to take very deep breaths for 10-20 minutes, in a calm place eg. My bedroom. It's hard to calm down when anything and everything are on your mind, even though it could be the tiniest little thing. I don't think anyone I know understands fully how much it affects me and my life. If you are struggling with anxiety and need help or advice please contact me, Isabelfarebrother.if@gmail.com

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