Saturday, January 30, 2016

My BGT Experience

 The audition was on Sunday 6th December 2015, I was really excited about it because it could of lead to many amazing opportunities for me. When I got there it didn't seem to busy, it seemed very quiet, to quiet. My mum and one of my best friends (Livi)  and I tried to find the entrance to get in. 5 minutes later we saw a girl with her parents (she looked about 16) so we ended up asking them where to go! I went into this, kind of like airport look alike customs only you didn't have to have your bags checked!!

As I entered the actual queuing area we started seeing more people, A LOT more people! I joined the queue, surprising I was still very calm, which is very unusual for me!! Were we in the queue for about an hour maybe an hour and a half? My mum got chatting to this guy in front his son was an Elvis Presley impersonator! We eventually got to the next stage of waiting, we went into this massive room with bright lights Britains Got Talent logo's everywhere there were chairs surrounding a dance floor and producers everywhere they were filming footage for the show.

Then comes in the bad part!! We waited and waited and waited!! For 7 HOURS!!! I think I fell asleep at one point!! It was organised very badly, so bad that they were hours behind schedule and the next lot of people were about to come in. We were told to move closer to the door, there were about 20 or 30 of us that weren't seen in time. Eventually, women came and got me, we were then taken up some stairs into another waiting room, at this point the nerves were kicking in, I got very nerves very quickly! which I was expecting to come sooner or later. I waited for another 5 to 10 minutes then my name was called and I went for my audition! So that was my Britains Got Talent Experience and no I didn't get through but it was the best experience I could have ever asked for :-)        

Izzie x
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